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Health and beauty is an incredibly dominating industry in today’s commercial world, especially in Australia. For decades, there has been an emphasis on creating the perfect ‘miracle’ product for all women, no matter their age or circumstances. From the ultimate foundation to the ideal daily moisturiser, these desires have constantly reigned over consumer’s dollars.


Unfortunately, since the beginning of beautification creations, plenty of not-so-nice ingredients have been used in order to bring these products to fruition. Chemical additives and animal testing are two of the most harmful components of health and beauty products that can easily go unnoticed by consumers. Beyond this – unethical animal testing aside – there are adverse effects to using skin care products that feature toxic ingredients or chemical nasties. And these can have long term effects on your skin.


The inception of organic skin care products


Much of the problem within the industry is around the lack of consumer awareness, which is no fault of anyone but the supplier companies. There has been cultivated culture around the communication that occurs and the information that is exchanged between producer and consumer, that has allowed consumers to use toxic and harmful products for far too long unknowingly.


Purchasing from an all natural, organic supplier can make a huge difference in personal health, and also help the industry to make positive changes.


Money talks, so shifting business to ethical companies is a great way to create a broad standard for all natural organic makeup and beauty products that do good for the environment.


How going all-natural can help your skin


Using organic hair care or skin care products can alleviate any ingestion of chemical toxins and, when used long term, can significantly benefit your overall health. For hair, a long-lasting sheen can be achieved by opting for greener products like those in our range.


When you’re hunting around for tidbits to restock your makeup drawer with, look for ingredients that can help you gain and improve your skin’s natural glow. Choosing to do this will also allow you to keep away from elements that don’t assist the health of your skin and hair, and instead deliver toxins into your body.


Pro tip: Even using an all-natural deodorant or toothpaste can alleviate any ingestion of chemicals, especially since the mouth is a hypersensitive and absorbent part of the body.


Where we come in


Organic Earth supplies natural organic. Maintaining transparency throughout our range has helped us to create a true, gentle name, with consumers knowing precisely what they get when snatching up our nifty items.


The mission of Organic Earth is to change the culture of consumer information and to provide quality, chemical-free, and vegan products accessible. If you’re looking for ways to make the switch, browse our collection online now. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our products, brand values and purpose.