Based on last year, what will be the hottest beauty trends

It’s a brand new year and with that comes a whole truckload of fun new beauty trends to experiment with. Experts are predicting some exciting developments to hair care, skin care and make up and we can’t wait to try them out.


We’ve scoured the internet and social media to find out what’s most likely to hot and hip over the next twelve months so you can get ready to update your look. Here’s what we found:


  1. Bold hair makes a comeback. There's been an enormous increase in beauty lovers searching for lilac hair colours lately, so it seems the days of pink and blue tresses are finally on the wane. Remember to give some thought to the perfect shade of lilac to complement your skin tone – many will start out purple then fade to lilac with multiple washes, ending up as a silvery tone.
  2. Glossy beats out matte. We noticed a lot of glossy makeup on the catwalks in late 2018, and it's our bet this trend will only grow in 2019. Think super shine on eyelids and lips buffed up into an almost rainbow hue. Better yet, there's a raft of gloss products that do away with the stickiness, so you don't have to worry about transferring your pout all over the place.
  3. Hello, witch hazel. It looks like old fashioned organic skin care is back in with a rise in searches for natural products like witch hazel, which is full of antioxidants and tannins to help eradicate oil and reduce pores.
  4. Go au naturel. If crazy hair colours aren’t your thing, consider doing away with dye altogether. Last year’s silver look is back with a vengeance and then some, with celebs choosing to let their hair embrace grey. Natural make up and skin care maven, Linda Rodin, is the perfect example of how gorgeous the au naturel hair colour look can be.
  5. IT lips. Statement lipstick is making a dramatic return in 2019 after nude shades have dominated for years. Finding the perfect red or deep purple lipstick is now more critical than ever – there's some suggestion you can forgo all other makeup altogether, as long as your lips are bold and beautiful. Other lipstick trends include transformative shades that change colour according to your skin’s pH levels, creating the ultimate customisable hue. And don’t forget lip embellishments of all kinds, including metallic flecks, marble textures, metal rings and trinkets and graduating colours.
  6. Hair superfoods. Last year we saw a lot of superfoods migrating into skin care, and that trend is set to continue into hair care. In 2019, we're all more aware of what we eat, drink or use, with natural ingredients increasingly popular. Products including apple cider vinegar are on the rise to help remove impurities without stripping your hair's protective oils.
  7. Nails like almonds. Celebrities are currently going crazy for almond shaped talons – full at the bottom and narrower at the tip. Why? It's a flattering shape for most nails as it mirrors the curve of your cuticle, with the bonus that the edges won't snag or break like a square shaped nail.